Lecture: Using Augmented Reality & video games inside your classroom

On December 9th, 2010, I have presented the AR technology and video games to the Information & Communication Technology, a course meant to improve the tech-accessibility skills for teachers and educators at Mofet institute
The teachers have understood the new technologies and learned about the role of the teacher in the "tech-classroom".  

The lecture goals were:
1. Lowering the hesitation and fear from technology at teachers and empowering them with tools allowing them to examine and test video games.
2. Showing the similarity between a good educational content and a good video game: gradual learning, continuous challenge, giving the feeling of "I can", and FUN.
3. There is no substitute for the teacher. Technology is just a tool. 
4. Showing that technology exists. The ball is in the educators court. They have to show the industry where and what to develop.

Here is the Prezi presentation I used during the lecture. 

here is a concept map that was drawn by one of the listeners, Lizi Cohen

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