ROSETA flowers - Interactive Design Project

Roseta's flowers deals with the interpersonal relationships inside a group of distant friends. Every given moment the flower pots visualize the strength of the relationship. Roseta's flowers encourage the group members to take an action in favor of the group. That very action together with its consequence provides the members with a feeling of bondage, the presence of the group, even if it is scattered physically.

created at: february-april 2008
with: Eyal David & Ariela Alt

How does it work?
Each group member holds a pot with a flower inside, which is what we call a "Roseta's flower". The unique pots are able to move from a normal position to a "dropped" position. All pots are identical in size and position. When one reacts, the others make the exact same move at the same time.
Roseta's flowers are treated with watering. When one Roseta's flower is watered, all the flower pots will rise a bit higher. When one Roseta's flower is neglected, all the flower pots will never reach the normal position.

"Sculpturing with technology" by Ofri Ilani at Mouse (Hebrew)
Live interview on TV at Youtube (Hebrew)
at news page inside the HIT website (Hebrew)

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