TowerDefensAR: Augmented Reality video game

Goal: Defend your treasure box as long as you can!

How it works:
the 2 markers draw an electricity line between them, which can destroy the monsters who wish to steal your treasure.

Live Play:
How to play:

  1. print the two markers.
  2. allow the application to activate your webcam.
  3. start a new game and fight for your treasure.
created at: 2011


The Drawer - Short film

Short movie based on the Matrix's Plot. Only with socks.
Miko the sock tries to figure out what is the Drawer. Termious the sock shows him.
Like any other good student film, someone dies in the end...

In hebrew but can be partly understood with watching only.

concept by: Sarit Hayat, Ori Grundshtein, Hila Amit and myself
created at: January 2007