Lecture: Technology as a bridge between generations - is that even possible?

on May 16th, 2014 I gave a talk at a private event of the Joint Israel.
they released a new plan for volunteering that involves elderly together with youth doing good deed for the community together.

i talked about how technology could bridge the gap between the generations. 

outlines of the lecture:

  1. game and play can change routine behavior relatively quickly
  2. similarities between challenges of elderly and challenges of teens
  3. technologies i showed:
    • motion tracking: dancing and physiotherapy
    • GPS: family tracker and SOS
    • Health monitor: digestible pill, word lens (augmented reality)
    • Robotics: help around the house, life companion
    • Smart homes: carpet senses when something is wrong
  4. dealing with technology
  5. sometimes a weird connection is highly innovative (without technology)
    • multi-generation project: kids and elderly make a presentation about how life were 60 years ago.
    • elderly as marathon mentors for runners
  6. more stuff i had there:
    • safer driving: google's self driving car, mobileye saving from crash
    • communication: google glass, pebble watch, innovega contact lens
    • emotion tracking: intel, microsoft, 
    • power of crowd: crowd sourcing, play with others, big data

above all, it was one of the happiest lectures i ever gave. i felt a significant amount of positive energy and vibe  in the air. 


  • some voices were saying those are good ideas
  • some didnt understand a lot of what i said. when i explained more, they said it wont work for them
  • some said they have other solutions already
i answered i am very happy they have found their way and developed confidence to face the difficulties the technology offers. i do my best to help others feel the same way.