interaction design hands on! - exhibition movie

concept: interaction design is one of the hottest fields of interest nowadays. at HIT institute, an academic course called interaction design hands on!, and in short IDHO, was opened two years ago, setting the goal to confront the students with this important field. the students were taken from different backgrounds: industrial and product designers, electricity engineers and learning technology men.
this short film introduces the final exhibition of the march-August 2008 course, when i took part in. here a link to our final website, presenting all projects.

created at: August 2008


Data Representation of survey's results

concept: a visual representation of a survey's results which checked the differences between three academic departments in HIT academic institute in Israel. The survey's subject was of web and computer usage goals and habits among the students.

created at: may 2007


Simple Jigsaw Pazel Maker in Flash

concept: a simple jigsaw pazel maker. the only thinng left to do is to add the pazel pieces into the right place. an FLA file will be uploaded soon (as soon as i finish the usage instructions).

created at: 11 June 2008


professional code finder : costumized search engine

concept: create a professional search engine for codes on the web. this engine is ment to find real and effective help in any question you have. just type in the problem, and then set the language you write in.

created at: October 2007

Learning with games : costumized search engine

idea: create a dynamic and interactive resource environment based on Lib2.0 and Learning2.0 concepts.

we have chosen the field area of learning with games and how to combine these two fields.

result: an iGoogle group environment, which included unique RSS collection, a couple of customized search engines, and more apps and gadgets.
this search engine has been developed since. you are most invited to use it. its free of course.

created at: September 2007

created with: Yuval Shafriri, Ori Grundshtein, Ofir Rosenberg, Yuval Alis

word design

created at: December 2006

caracteristics of interpersonal communication in VLE (virtual learning environment): Essay

concept: summary of ideas in that subject. not an academic research.

created at: January 2007

the existence of the Libarary in the digital age- is it justified? Essay

concept: an interview with an israeli libararian + observation + results. not an academic research.

created at: November 2006

created with: Noa Levi

check an email application

created at: October 2007

my first pong game

created at: November 2007

my first memory card game

concept: simple memory game

created at: December 2007

how to create multiple choice question in Adobe Flash- guiding movie

concept: there are many guide movies about Flash in english but a few in hebrew. this movie takes the user, hand-in-hand, through all the steps they need to make in order to have a multiple choice question. it is ment to remind an instructional technology developers this issue.

created at: March 2008

program: viewlet builder

Harnessing the power of games into education: Article presentation

concept: presents the main concepts in the article of Squire and Jenkins about "Harnessing the power of games into education".

created at: March 2008

Voice Over IP - what is it?

concept: Presents the main concepts in Voice Over IP technology and its future implications.

created at: January 2007

created with: Miri Hay, Sarit Hayat, Adi Hen


interactive environments for the special needs - research

concept: research on the interactive environments exist to assist special needs society: physical disabilities, rehabilitation and learning disabilities.

created at: february 2007

created with: Yaniv Aroch, Gadi Yosef, Orly Edry

why water group to drops? surface tension of the water

concept: originally made for 9th grade siences class (with some background in molecules). the goal was to explain about the surface tension of the water and how it is created. additional educational value: the way water molecules arrange themselves.

created at: May 2007

in english:

in hebrew:

100% for me- short movie (in hebrew)

5 min movie

will be added soon

here is the script of the film (in hebrew)

created at: January 2007

created with: Yaniv Aroch, Roni Rozin

composition: dynamic and static

concept: this computer drawing was a part of an assignment in Visual Literacy course. the goal was to make a dynamic composition and a static one with the same shape.

created at: November 2007
program: Macromedia freehand mx

"mankind is the virus of the world"

the idea that the mankind is setting the grave for itself is well-known.
here are some pieces of work we made using photoshop editing and photography to present this idea.

created with: Yael Kaftory

created at: February, 2007


kids 4 kids - create educational softwares at IBM

IBM estublished the "kids 4 kids" project in goal of creating educational softwares

i am instructing, together with two more colleagues, a group


De Click Game: learn spelling

concept: the main goal is to teach young kids (ages 3-6) how to spell. it tries to use a simple menus and fun gameplay in order to attract players and motivate them. the player has to click the letters in the name of the animal presented to him and reach a specific number of total clicks. reaching that number will stop the score from dropping, and setting it to the player's score. 

the gameplay was inspired by the "click the spacebar game".  

created at: January 2008

Cubic Tale animations

part A:

part B:

storyboard (part B):

created: april 2007

MusiKritical: combine music and food

an interaction design project that deals with the connection of food and music and tries to combine the two. the music changes itself automatically in direct connection with the food served. moving the salt and pepper changes the volume. 

How this works:
this works with the RFID technology using a Flash platform and Phidgets chips. the project was created during the course IDHO 2008 (interaction design hands on!) at Holon Institute of Technology, Israel. 

here's a link to the IDHO 2008 course website for more similar projects. 

date: March, 2008

in cooperation with Alex Lupayev

Teaching the visual literacy in the digital age

this website was developed from zero as a presentation of a new concept in teaching and learning the visual literacy for Dr. Shlomo Lee Abrahamov, teacher in many schools and universities in israel.
Dr. Abrahamov teaches the visual literacy in a unique way in israel: he is using the web tools, such as forums and other collaborative tools, to enhance the learning process.

the website had 3 earlier versions and in total of 300 man-hours of work. 3-4 people were involved in the process for about one year.


Skype Chair

the skype chair sets a more intuitive interface with the program. just lean backwards to answer incoming calls, lift your legs to make a call and more. it is all working...

in cooperation with Eyal David

February 2008