Augmented Reality Business Card - your portfolio inside your card!

Have your business card present extra information about yourself to complete the picture about who you are and what can you do.

Real-time portfolio: show-off with your previous work.
- Show yourself and your agenda: record yourself on video or sound.
- Stay connected: link to your websites and social networks.

What can you do with your card:
- Add many types of media: video, photo, sound, Swf animation. In the future you could add 3D objects.
- Define the way your users will interact with the card. See all available options below.
- Each media can have one web link.
- Spread and embed the application wherever you want.

See it in action:
1. Print one or more of my business cards. each presents different example of design and interaction.
2. Scroll down to the application, and allow it to access your camera. Connect a webcam if you don't have any.
4. Hold one card in front of the camera.
5. Watch and interact with the content: videos, images, SWFs and sounds.

if you wish to have a card of your own- please contact me on:
shachar . oz @ gmail . com

created at: 2009