Lecture: The Future Of Augmented Reality Gaming & Hands-on AR In Flash

on 23 of December, 2010 I have talked at the Israeli Flash&Flex group conference about the current vibes and future directions of Augmented Reality gaming. Moreover, I have released an open source code of functional AR flash application and thoroughly explained its code. The action-script developers have learned about the technology, how it influences UI and game design and also how to create one of their own.

Covered subjects:
1. what is augmented reality? what types of AR are there from the technical point of view? what do one need in order to see an augmented reality and to develop one?
2. Limitations and advantages of augmented reality is flash.
3. The augmented reality user interface. how AR influences the creation of UI? what types of UI have already been tried before?
4. AR gaming and influences of game design. how can we design our game to make it most suitable to the advantages and limitation of the technology? Example games and game designs.
5. Creating your first AR in Flash. how does the 3D world works in Flash? what are the basic elements in creating and programming a 3D world? I have released a fully-functional AR application and explained how to continue from there: how to add more objects, interaction and GUI elements. 


Unknown said...

I never knew of augmented reality until i read this .. thanks for sharing the basics!!

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simwave said...

Augmented Reality is an environment that involves virtual reality as well as real world elements, creating a mixed environment in real time. For instance, the AR user can use translucent glasses, and through them he can see the real world, as well as images generated by the computer projected in the world.

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