ARIE - Augmented Reality Instructions Editor


ARIE changes the way we work with tools in the home and office environments. it solves us the dependency from opening the instructions manual or call a technician when wishing to operate a machine.

ARIE is a real-time instructions manual, activated while working on a specific instrument or tool, and more important- the information is presented exactly when and where we need it.

ARIE was presented at several conferences by now:
for longer description about the system please contact me on mail.

this is one video example of the UI. it is not the current version.

created by: Shachar Oz and Gady Yosef
created at: February 2008
first version released at: January 2010


cv said...

I have never heard about ARIE! need to research this now in Google,. anyways interesting blog to be bookmarked!

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שחר עוז Shachar Oz said...

ARIE has not yet became a living product, but someday it sure will.
thanks for the blessing.

simwave said...

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time.

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