Green-Fields, Instructional Short Movie

concept: short, funny & instructive movie that explains how to use the new free fitness facilities scattered all over Israel by Green-Fields.
the script, filming, editing and lighting was made by Sarit Hayat, Ori Grundshtein, hila Amit and Myself. Green-Fields company has no hand in the making of the movie.

created at: January, 2007


De-Click Game v2.0: learn spelling

concept: further development of the first version. read description of gameplay there.

the improvements made in this version are:
1. player must click the letters by the order they are in the word itself.
2. difficulty level affects the amount of assistance the player receives during the game.
3. letters are visible to the player during the game. a correct click causes a feedback.
4. the gameplay is better explained.


"Living in the Holy Land", Educational Video Game

making the learning the bible more fun by playing the history of the biblical stories instead of reading it in the classroom. the game is a role play adventure game, where the student is playing characters from the biblical story and face the same problems and issues they needed to face. Living in the Holy Land is rich in full 3D graphics, similar quality to AAA known video games, in order to allow the student see every small detail in the biblical world. the game stages are parallel to bible chapters, in order to be easily adapted into the school's curriculum. learning the story is not the only thing the game teaches. a more thorough paper will be translated into English soon.

created at: February 2009 (project in process)


Augmented Reality Business Card - your portfolio inside your card!

Have your business card present extra information about yourself to complete the picture about who you are and what can you do.

Real-time portfolio: show-off with your previous work.
- Show yourself and your agenda: record yourself on video or sound.
- Stay connected: link to your websites and social networks.

What can you do with your card:
- Add many types of media: video, photo, sound, Swf animation. In the future you could add 3D objects.
- Define the way your users will interact with the card. See all available options below.
- Each media can have one web link.
- Spread and embed the application wherever you want.

See it in action:
1. Print one or more of my business cards. each presents different example of design and interaction.
2. Scroll down to the application, and allow it to access your camera. Connect a webcam if you don't have any.
4. Hold one card in front of the camera.
5. Watch and interact with the content: videos, images, SWFs and sounds.

if you wish to have a card of your own- please contact me on:
shachar . oz @ gmail . com

created at: 2009