TowerDefensAR: Augmented Reality video game

Goal: Defend your treasure box as long as you can!

How it works:
the 2 markers draw an electricity line between them, which can destroy the monsters who wish to steal your treasure.

Live Play:
How to play:

  1. print the two markers.
  2. allow the application to activate your webcam.
  3. start a new game and fight for your treasure.
created at: 2011
Self Critic
the special issue in this game is the use of fast movement with the AR markers. this is clearly not a good use of this technology in Flash, and this game proves that point.
Altogether, it seems like i've reached a good state in term of code efficiency.
i should point, that i used the open-source libs called FlarManager  written by Eric Socolofsky. i tried not to use his code for a long period of time, in order to learn the code myself, but i must say that this library is well-written and documented, and was very easy to use.

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