De-Click Game v2.0: learn spelling

concept: further development of the first version. read description of gameplay there.

the improvements made in this version are:
1. player must click the letters by the order they are in the word itself.
2. difficulty level affects the amount of assistance the player receives during the game.
3. letters are visible to the player during the game. a correct click causes a feedback.
4. the gameplay is better explained.

next version improvements:
1. players could load new images.
2. change gameplay options.
3. get statistics about your game: how many mistakes you had, which letters, etc. 
4. score will be influenced by the proportion between the entire amount of clicks and the amount of correct clicks made by the player.
created at: may, 2009

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מיכל said...

משחק מעולה לפי דעתי!!
תחרותי, מהנה... רוצים להשיג כל הזמן עוד ועוד נקודות . ובאמת אפשר ללמוד ככה אותיות, מילים..
כל הכבוד!!
ואני מניחה שהתכנון הוא שיהיו גם יותר אפשרויות בחירה בתמונות [ה-כלב\גמל,אריה...] ?