Teaching the visual literacy in the digital age

this website was developed from zero as a presentation of a new concept in teaching and learning the visual literacy for Dr. Shlomo Lee Abrahamov, teacher in many schools and universities in israel.
Dr. Abrahamov teaches the visual literacy in a unique way in israel: he is using the web tools, such as forums and other collaborative tools, to enhance the learning process.

the website had 3 earlier versions and in total of 300 man-hours of work. 3-4 people were involved in the process for about one year.


The Curious Mrs. Giveon said...

I'm making aliyah fairly soon. I have created the Visual Literacy via Computer Arts program in my Palm Beach County school district in South Florida. I'm the first..the pilot and author (and artist) of this program. COming to Israel, I've got a wealth of Visual Literacy abilities,...I looked you up since you're very much like me.
Would you be able to point me in the direction of where I might teach my educational program?
Sirce Kwai

Shachar Oz said...

hey Sirce,
first of all make sure you contact my teacher, Dr. Shlomo Abrahmov, the one who wrote all the text in this website. I have only built the site... he is the one with all the connections in this field of teaching over here in israel.

from what i know there are more than a few schools that would be interested in your skills. here are some names:
1. HIT (where i study) in Holon.
2. Shenkar in Tel-Aviv.
3. Betsalel in Jerusalem.
4. Hadasa in Jerusalem.
5. Ben-Gurion in Be'er Sheva.
6. Vitso in Haifa.
7. and many more scattered all over the country.

i would be happy to help you in any way i can to locate yourself in the Holy Land! :)